Who will photograph our wedding?
Both Riley Bushue and Scott Brown will shoot your wedding.

What kind of camera do you use?
Which one? We currently use the Canon 1D-MarkIIn and the Canon 30D along with a few film cameras. By having two photographers with multiple cameras, if one camera fails we can grab the other camera and keep on taking photographs.

How big can you make prints?
The biggest we have made a print is 20x30 – theoretically we can print larger than that, but we have yet to meet someone who wants a 40x60 image of themselves on their wall.
We actually suggest ordering our gallery-wrap canvas prints. A canvas print requires no mat and frame, thus giving you one less item to buy, and more "image" room. Image room? Take a normal print, 12x18 for example, by the time you ad the mat and frame you are looking at 18x24 or larger... With a canvas, since no mat and frame is required, you can have 18x24 of pure photograph. Ask to see a sample gallery wrapped canvas!

Can I keep my digital negatives?
We will include with all packages a CD with web-resolution images so that you can post them on Facebook, etc – but they are not high enough resolution to make prints from. High-resolution digital negatives are included with the $10,000 package.

How will we see our proofs?
Your proofs will be posted online within 2-4 weeks of the wedding. The Bride and Groom will be notified once the images are online, and then after reviewing the proofs, you can “release” the site and allow all the wedding guests to view and purchase whatever they like online, saving you much time and energy.

Do you shoot formals as well?
Of course, no wedding would be complete without some the traditional photos.

Will we need to provide a “shot list”?
Yes and no. We try to capture a wedding in the “photojournalism” style where we take pictures of what takes place with minimal prompting and positioning; however you may feel free to let us know about any photos you want to make sure that we take. Please provide us with a concise list of group photos that you would like taken.

Do you require a meal?
Yes please!

How do we commission you?
After calling our phone number (503-752-3841) or using our online contact form, we will arrange a time where we can meet with the two of you, discuss your wedding needs, you can ask us any questions you may have, and then we shall present you with a contract to reserve your date. A date reservation fee of 50% is due at the time of signing the contract to reserve your date, and your balance is due 30 days prior to your wedding.